Frostfire | About Frostfire
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Frostfire’s innovation lab has financed, prototyped and tested hundreds of ideas. Our exciting mix of product designers, 3D CAD designers, software engineers and market researchers constantly test, prototype and build the latest Frostfire innovations.

Frostfire rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries used in many of the flameless candles.

Mooncandle battery compliance

Early sticker used on the base of the flameless candles.

First Mooncandle boxes going to print in 2006

This was the final proof of the Mooncandles before going to print for the first 1000 units.

Frostfire solar flameless candle original concept

The first basic drawing for a solar flameless candle.

Solar wall motion sensor light test

The first photo showing our motion sensor wall light working.

Chris Frost publicity shot

A magazine publicity shot of Chris Frost in the 1998.

The first Frostfire Mooncharge

Testing and charging for a Frostfire phone charging accessory.

Chris Frost's first project - Propertycity

Chris Frost's first project - The first London property search engine created in 1998.

Vienetwork - Europe's first over 50s social network

Setup in 1999, Vienetwork was setup as a social network for the over50s market.

The Frostfire Moontent featured in a major UK newspaper

Publicity for the Frostfire Moontent.

The Frostfire Mooncandles in the stores of Tesco

The Mooncandles were Frostfire's first large break into major global retail stores.

The Frostfire Mooncandles at a large European trade show

Launching the Frostfire Mooncandles.....

The Frostfire Mooncharge at WH Smiths

WH Smiths was one of the largest retailers in the UK

National Press for the Moonbag

An early review for the Moonbag in a UK newspaper

Design for a new hanging device

Moonbag packaging form early 2004

The first Moonbag

The Moonbag is a wetsuit changing mat and bag

The first Moontent selling on one of the large major retailers

Before Amazon there were other large internet retailers.

Mooncandles become very popular

The Mooncandle range became very popular in many countries

Solar garden lamp designs

A sketch showing possible dimensions for a solar garden lamp

The Mooncandles on a TV Shopping Channel

The Mooncandles being presented on TV

Frostfire Light becomes a bestseller

One of the Frostfire solar lights becomes a bestseller