Moonsafe Portable Travel Safe


The Frostfire Moonsafe is the ultimate travel safety storage device. Easily store your valuables whereever you are going.

  • The ultimate travel safe. Combination and key access.
  • Suitable for a travelling, camping, surfing, storage, rental properties.
  • Designed with hardened steel shackle. Strong hardened plastic casing and zinc dials.
  • Weatherproof case. Backup key in case you forget your combination.
  • External size: 26.5cm x 13.7cm x 6.6cm – Internal Size: 18.5cm x 9.3cm x 5.2cm
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Keep your keys safe.

The Moonsafe is ideal for locking up belongings anywhere. Its the perfect travel safe you can take anywhere with you. Whether you’re laying by the pool or a beach, in the middle of a busy city or staying in a hostel. The Moonsafe has got you covered.

The Moonsafe is built of weather-resistant hardened plastic, finished with baked paint and uses a three-digit dial to set your own combination. After months of testing designs we’ve finally reached the perfect travel safe. We’ve included a backup key just incase you forget your combo!

Suitable for travel, camping, watersports and offices. External size: 26.5cm(10.4 inches) x 13.7cm(5.4 inches) x 6.6cm(2.6 inches) – Internal Size: 18.5cm(7.3 inches) x 9.3cm(3.7 inches) x 5.2cm(2 inches)

The Best Materials. Maximum Security. Zero Compromises.

Ultra Durable Plastic Casing

Unsmashable weatherproof plastic outer-casing.

Backup Key

Incase you forget your code we’ve added a backup key!

Extendable Shackle

The looping shackle has 2 settings, short and long. If you need to secure to different sized objects.

Release Pin

Easy to operate release pin

Large Container

We made sure the Moonsafe is big enough to store all your valuables.

Additional information

Weight0.68 kg
Dimensions25.4 × 16.8 × 3.4 cm