Since 1998 we have designed innovative outdoor products to make our lives easier.

Technology is at the heart of our business, we use technical materials and advanced engineering to build products which offer our customers exciting innovations.

Our Technologies

Since 1998 Frostfire’s mission has been to use technology to create innovative products to help empower people to make their outdoor lifestyle easier.

Frostfire’s products are created using innovative technology and with a strong focus on performance and problem solving.

We are brave explorers and are curious and excited by the unknown.  Using technical materials and engineering we create our own future.



Frostfire’s advanced technical knowledge has facilitated the granting of over 20 global patents.  Our mission remains to make our customers’ outdoor lifestyles easier and our intellectual property is critical to our success.



Many of our products use groundbreaking textile innovations including our proprietary 6 way sewing matrix designed to reinforce our unique woven roof rack series.



Over the last 25 years Frostfire has developed hundreds of moulds.  Whilst developing our groundbreaking inflatable roof rack we developed and tested 15 different moulds before finalising on our patented TubeValve designed to withstand shocks in air pressure.


Data Science

Frostfire uses advanced data science techniques and load modelling to analyse and forecast the perfomance of the Frostfire products under extreme theoretical product stress scenarios.